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...I enjoyed the first clear night in a while very much! The standout of the evening was Jupiter. I have never seen Jupiter so clearly. I didn't see the Red Spot or the Impact Scar, but the two tropical cloud bands were incredibly sharp and contrasty. It's the first time Jupiter started to look like the probe photographs in a telescope for me. What was really cool was Callisto's shadow very clear and sharp against Jupiter's disk. That was amazing. I attribute this performance to the off-axis design and the smoothness of the figure. While the OA5.5 gave me by best view of Saturn, the Dodgen 6 just gave me my best view of Jupiter. And the seeing wasn't perfect, either, as it was when I observed Saturn through the this scope has some enormous potential. . . I had some nice views of the summer showpiece objects: ring nebula, m13, albireo, double-cluster. All this in spite of the waning but still very bright moon. Great contrast, again, given the moon. Jupiter came up and the scope did wonderfully on that. No haze around it or diffraction spikes, it looked very much like a refractor view. -D.R. in Geneva, NY

The off-axis design is a great idea. I really like the shorter focal length. There is great color and contrast. The highlights of my first night with the scope were the Andromeda Galaxy and, of course, Jupiter.-D.D. in Cloudcroft, NM

Hello Mr Dodgen,
  I finished my 3.6" off-axis Newtonian and I would like to say it is giving an excellent image. A star test shows near perfect and identical patterns on each side of focus. At focus stars are pin points with easily seen, clean diffraction rings that stay sharp right out to edge. Saturn is amazing sight in this scope. The performance is on par to the other unobstructed telescope I have built like my Schupmann refractors and Schiefspeigler. -D.G. in Delaware

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